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Facebook Auto Responder

Auto Like and Reply to Comments, Send Private Messages

We are excited to announce that we have planned to offer premium features to our donors who help us keep the website up and support the development process. Facebook Auto Responder is the first premium feature that is already available to use, but this is not the only feature that will be available to our donors, more features will be added soon. All members will have access to premium features, but they will be asked to complete an offer or survey.

What is Auto Responder?

This feature will help you increase your engagement with the users who comment on your live video. It includes three options:

  1. Auto like the comment
  2. Auto reply to the comment
  3. Send a private message to anyone who comments

How does this help my page?

It will help you increase engagement between your page and the viewers. Your viewers will be encouraged on their engagement, and thus you will create a loyal fan base.  If you have an e-commerce page, you can also send coupons, offers, and deals to your viewers in private messages and boost your reach and sales.

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  • Fabinho RJ

    Terrific !!!! Thank’s for all !!

  • Ezequiel Velarde

    Genial y gracias, done y seguire donando por el buen servicio.

  • Leandro Mantelli

    Hello, I’ve already donate, but I’m still waiting for my access to this feature. Can anybody help me?

    • Waqas Ibrahim

      Hello Leandro, Thanks a lot for your donation. You already have access to this feature, all you need to do is check the checkbox when you create a poll and enter your email address in donor’s email input.

  • Jarek

    how do I get access to this feature? I`ve already donored 🙂 check

    thank you

    • Waqas Ibrahim

      Replied to you via email.