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How to Create a Live Poll on Facebook Page

Social media had a huge impact on every aspect of life in 2016 including the US elections. Facebook rolled out Live streaming to all users that was previously only available to celebrities and also started ranking live content higher than other content. Live polls became the hottest trend on Facebook, and many big pages like 9gag started using it to engage more users. If you have been wondering how to create a live poll on a Facebook page then look no further, I will explain all the steps in detail so you can use this feature to boost engagement on your page.

Live Poll Example:

If you want to create such Facebook voting polls and have no coding experience, follow these simple steps, and you will be able to create a poll on your Facebook page.

Create a Live Poll on Facebook Page

Method 1 (Easy): If you are looking for an easier way, and do not want to go through all these steps then Sign up here and get 5 hours of free streaming. No Software or Setup required.

Method 2: Follow all the steps below or Jump to video tutorial.

Open to start.

Step 1: Access Token

To access reactions count on your live video, we need an access token for your page. Click Get Access Token, a popup will open and you will see an access token field. This access token expires in one hour and that is not useful if we want to stream longer than one hour. So, we need to extend the token by creating an app. That will give us the ability to generate a token and extend it for two months. If you already have an app please skip these steps.

Steps to create an App:

  1. If you have not already signed up as a Facebook developer, Click Register and complete the signup process.
  2. Click Create App, give any name, choose a category and click Create App ID.
  3. Your new app is created, close the window.

Steps to extend an Access Token:

  1. Click Get Access Token if you haven’t already.
  2. Select your application from Application drop down menu on top right.
  3. Click Get Token and then click Get Page Access Token.
  4. Proceed with the permissions.
  5. Select your page from the list.
  6. Click blue info icon right before the token and click Open in Access Token Tool.
  7. Click Extend Access Token.
  8. Copy the generated token and paste in the website.

Watch this video tutorial for an example

Note: You can use the extended token for two months for all the live streams on a page. No need to generate the token every time you want to stream.

Step 2: Create Post

  1. Click Get Post ID, Select your page and click Next.
  2. Click Go Live.
  3. Click settings icon on top right then click Embed.
  4. Copy and paste the iframe code in Post ID field. The iframe code looks like this:
    <iframe src="" width="400" height="400" style="border:none;overflow:hidden" scrolling="no" frameborder="0" allowTransparency="true" allowFullScreen="true"></iframe>Post ID will be extracted once you focus out of the input.

Note: Do not close the window. This is the live post that we will publish later.

Step 3: Design the Poll

  1. Enter your Streaming Resolution Width. Facebook supports maximum 1280×720 resolution so don’t go higher than 1280.
  2. Select the type of the poll, counters to include, images and counters style.
  3. The background is optional as you can add any image, video as background in OBS Studio.
  4. You can also include an optional countdown timer for the poll or any event.
  5. If you want to show live comments in the video select include shoutbox.
  6. Click Preview and then click Go Live on the next page.

Step 4: Go LIVE

Download and install OBS Studio if you don’t have it already.

  1. Open OBS Studio.
  2. Copy your stream key from the Facebook post window we opened earlier.
  3. Click Settings in OBS Studio, click Stream, Select Facebook Live from Service list and paste your key.
  4. Click Add icon in source section and select BrowserSource.
  5. Copy and paste the poll URL, change the width and height to your streaming width and click OK.
  6. Stretch the BrowserSource to full view, Right click on BrowserSource and select Interact.
  7. Drag the counters to position them and resize them however you like. Close the interaction window.
  8. Click Start Streaming.
  9. You will be able to see the preview in the facebook popup window, fill the post title and other details click Go Live.

Your Facebook poll is live now. These are the simple steps you need to follow to create a live poll on a Facebook page.

Watch video tutorial on How to Create a Live Poll on Facebook Page:

Important Notes and FAQs


  • If you want to stream on your profile or a group, you need to get a user access token with user_posts permission.
  • You can add background images and video in OBS Studio.
  • You need to interact with the counters in OBS Studio to position them.

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  • Prashanth Saiva

    showing error as Invalid OAuth access token.

    • Waqas Ibrahim

      Hi, This error is returned by Facebook Graph API. The token is checked before you can preview the poll, so make sure you do not miss any characters in the access token.

      • Prashanth Saiva

        I have checked it very clearly.
        When I’m trying to get token it is just showing the pages of my facebook.
        It is not showing create a poll option in Get Token drop down

        • Waqas Ibrahim

          That’s the name of my page, It won’t show you that. You need to select your page when you generate the token.

  • Kylie Lee

    I’m stuck at the very first step! There is no “extend access token” button on my page. What do I do? Thank you!!

    • Waqas Ibrahim

      Hi, You need to create an app and select it when you generate a token. The default app selected is Graph API Explorer and that will not offer you to extend the token.

  • Rory Hptv Joseph

    OBS won’t let me interact so I’m stuck with the DIV Overlay from the URL of the Stream? :S

    • Waqas Ibrahim

      Hi, are you using a mac?

      • Bigyan Kandel

        I am using MAC and I am facing same problems. Any solutions to it ?

        • Waqas Ibrahim

          Hi, No there is no solution so far. I am working on an update for MAC users and will release it within a week. You can try any other software instead of OBS Studio.

      • Rory Hptv Joseph


  • Eloi Stree
    The sad story is that it is 90% forbiden now… 🙁
    You can still display… But not the same effect.

    • Waqas Ibrahim

      Hi, The article is almost 6 months old and you can still see many big pages using this but don’t have any issues. Anyways that’s why I added comment polls which do not violate any terms of Facebook. I am also working on some game type live streams using comments so Facebook will not have any issues with that and you can still increase reach and engagement on your page.

      • Eloi Stree

        Hi. Yes I directly changed my way to use the comment section instead until the Facebook condition is going to be adapted.
        ( PS: they may be do not punish, but I can’t sell a contract if the term and condition forbid it. 😉 )

  • Renee Szostak

    Where/how do I find the BrowserSource script?

    • Waqas Ibrahim

      You need to copy the URL from the address bar once you have created the poll and use that in BrowserSource. Please watch the video if anything is unclear. Thanks

  • sakismass

    Hello. Thank you for your work. I have a question. I post my live poll to one of my pages and the counters work well. But When i share my live poll to my other pages, when people like the shared video the counters doesn’t work for them. Why does this happen.

    • Waqas Ibrahim

      Hi, first of all remember that every shared post will show the same video and hence only number of reactions on original video. If you want to include reactions on shared posts then you can check the optional checkbox to include shared posts reactions. That is also tricky as it will only be able to access reactions from posts shared publicly.

  • Dave Smith

    I donated but the auto-responder for comments to private message didn’t work. What should I do?

    • Waqas Ibrahim

      Hello, did you get all the required permissions for the token?

  • Akash Kaiden Sharma

    The message that need to be disappered after 15 sec is not getting disappeared in OBS…

  • Joonho Jang

    This is awesome! Just one question. More comment boxes can show up in multi comments? There are only 5 comments show up for now. Thanks!

    • Waqas Ibrahim

      Hi, The new comments keep sliding into view. But at a time I think max 5 comments will show, if we make them smaller to show more, they might not be readable.

  • Ελευθερία Ψαραντωνάκη

    I cannot find the Embed. It does not exists for me.

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  • Nayara de Melo

    How to get a a user access token with user_posts permission?

    • Waqas Ibrahim

      In Facebook developers, Click Get Token and then click user access token. A popup will appear and you can select permissions in that.

  • Sudarshan Jagdale

    i get token number but when i click on post id the next webpage open with vibrating. after clicking on select area the web page crush and close down. everytime i get same problem. please help me.

  • Andreas Sallmunds

    Hi, Is there any way to get emojis to grow in size when people click on them? So just growing emojis and % …

    • Waqas Ibrahim

      Hello Andreas, This is possible but I am currently not working on this project as I am busy in work. You can hire a developer and provide them code downloaded from this website. They can easily modify it to make this work. I also replied to your email but somehow your mailbox is unavailable.

      • Andreas Sallmunds

        Okey. But where can I download the code?

        • Waqas Ibrahim

          When you create a poll, you will get the option to download the code. Remove access token from the code to avoid any security issues.

  • zvodretiluret

    I get pleasure from, result in I discovered just what I was taking a look for. You have ended my 4 day lengthy hunt! God Bless you man. Have a great day. Bye