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Facebook Live Comments Poll – New Feature!

Facebook live comments poll may be the most requested feature so far, and finally; I am happy to announce that it is available for free. Facebook does not want you to use reactions for voting, and it is against their terms of services. But now, you can easily create a voting poll using comments which is totally compatible with Facebook TOS.

Click here to create your first comments poll now.

What is a Facebook live comments poll?

Instead of using reactions (Like, Love, etc.), you can use keywords for voting. When a user comments on the live video with the keyword you assigned, a vote will be counted. You can also use hashtag keywords for voting, and one user can only cast one vote even if they make multiple comments. This is a great way to engage more viewers and also following Facebook TOS.

Why should you use comments instead of reactions?

Facebook does not allow using reactions for any voting purposes on pictures or in videos. You can see a list of Don’ts for reactions here:

Using comments to get your viewer’s opinion or vote is totally compatible with Facebook terms and does not violate and rules. It also helps create more engagement in the comments section of the video. A major benefit is the ability to send a private message to the viewer who comments on the video. I am working on a feature that will allow you to auto message to the comments based on certain keywords so you can target your audience according to their interests and taste.

Target your audience: Let’s say you create a poll between two products; a Deadpool action figure and a Batman action figure. You can then send an offer or deal of the Batman action figure to anyone who votes for Batman. I am currently working on this feature, and this will be available soon.

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  • RomanTh

    Not working.
    We wanted to let you know that starting May 15, we will no longer permit the use of the Facebook Live API to publish only images (e.g. static, animated or looping images) or to live-stream polls associated with unmoving or ambient broadcasts.

    You recently published a live video that falls under this category of what won’t be allowed.

    Note: Repeatedly broadcasting live videos that violate this standard may result in your future live videos being downranked or your access to Facebook Live being blocked.

    We hope you join us in creating live videos that center around truly live content and ensure any pre-recorded content is clearly distinguishable from live content.

    You can read more about our policy and how to create professional broadcasts with the Live API.

    The Facebook Live Team

    • Waqas Ibrahim

      Do no create live videos with still images. Try to use longer videos as background.

      • RomanTh

        Not working 🙂 Facebook all time sent this mesage 🙂
        I tried the video but it is still not possible.

        • Waqas Ibrahim

          You may need to wait some days so this warning on your page cools down.