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Facebook Shoutbox Update – Multiple Comments Slider

Many users have asked for this feature, and I finally got some time to implement this. You can now add multiple comments slider to your live streams so the viewers can comment and engage with other viewers and your page. For now, I have added two themes; light and dark.

Facebook Shoutbox

Facebook Shoutbox Update Features

  • New Comments will slide up instantly.
  • Name, message and time are¬†shown for the comment.
  • Tagged persons’ names are highlighted.
  • Dark and light theme.
  • Supports Images, emojis, and stickers.

How to Use

All you need to do is create a facebook live poll, include shoutbox and select multiple comments option.

Coming soon

I am also working on comments poll and an auto messenger system that will allow you to send an automated message to anyone who comments on your live stream. So comments poll will allow you to get more comments on your post and hence engaging with more viewers by sending them a personal message. Like our page on Facebook stay updated.

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